Who needs to get organized?
  • professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creative people
  • those managing a home office
  • working moms and dads, busy students, and people who have ADD
  • people who are downsizing and/or moving

Why do you need to hire a professional organizer?

Organizing is more than making your space look neat. It's the process you'll use to arrange your things logically and efficiently so that you can find them when you need to use them. More often than not, it's harder to get organized on your own, and that is where an experienced organizer can help.

We're the experts. We can teach you the tips and techniques you'll need to get and stay organized. As we work with you, you'll learn how to maximize the use of your current resources and dramatically boost your productivity. An added benefit is that you will better manage your time, tasks, paper and stresses.

How we work:

Our approach is a four-step process:

1. Look at your current approach and identify your time, space, and resource wasters

2. Identify the changes that are needed

3. Develop a strategy and a step-by-step plan based on your priorities and timeframe

4. Implement a customized solution

This may include clearing clutter, space redesign, better storage options, recycling furniture, and some retraining

We provide:

Structure, information, and ideas from an experienced professional organizer

A confidential step-by-step approach

Corporate consulting, seminars, and educational workshops & consulting services

We are also affiliated with other professional services. Clients referred to us by our affiliates will receive a 10% discount. Please visit http://www.capturedoncamera.com.

How will you benefit from our services?