are people saying about working one-on-one with us?

"Elizabeth, a professional organizer who recently rearranged the WBC's filing system, created order out of confusion. By restructuring the filing system, Elizabeth was able to consolidate and eliminate unneeded files and papers. Thanks goes to Elizabeth for also helping staff members consider more efficient ways to handle office paperwork."
-- Ellen Fineberg, WBC Executive Director, NH

What are people saying about our workshops and presentations?
"I came to Elizabeth's networking seminar (Crack the Secrets of Networking) with a great deal of issues with my networking skills and style of networking. After two hours of education, I am excited to attend my next networking event!"
-- K.F., Weight Loss Coach, NH

"(the time management workshop) made me realize how much I'm squeezing into a 24 hour day. Thankfully all my days aren't the same." -- Pat T. , Nurse, NH

"The most valuable thing for me was learning about why I procrastinate about organizing and steps to overcome procrastinating. I will use what I learned about how to organize and set up a filing system."-- B.L., Teacher, ME

What are kids saying about our Kids can be Organized, Too! workshop?
"Are you constantly losing homework? If so, come and learn a lot about organizing."
-- Jay S., Medway, MA

"The most important thing I learned today was how to pack my backpack."
-- Tim N., Natick, MA

"If you are losing important stuff, come to the workshop." -- Kyle M., Natick, MA

"The most helpful thing I learned today were the five steps to organizing anything. I can't wait to get started organizing my room." -- Meghan K., Natick, MA

"Organizing is very fun." -- Matt H., Natick, MA

"I really enjoyed this workshop because it helped me to learn how to sort things. Nobody taught me how to do this before." -- Hayley M., Hopkinton, MA

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